Compounding Effect

Einstein was a brilliant man. Among his profound thoughts, ideas, and quotes is this gem:


The older I get the more I find Mr. Einstein was right on the money (pun intended). Today, I won’t be diving into a finance lecture. However I do want to talk about compounding and how impactful it can truly be!

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New Partnership

I’m teaming up with a respected colleague and mentor of mine on a new collaborative venture. Eric has a wealth of experience and has a gift for inspiring others. His Facebook page Insider Success Solutions provides followers with a pick me up and sometimes a kick in the butt. If you like the content on Endeavor, I know you’ll appreciate his insights too. Keep an eye out for out for an upcoming guest posting from Eric.

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

Do you want to be happy and highly motivated? Do you want your team to be happy and highly motivated? I know I do! But where do we start? Well…we start with the brain.

I’m fascinated by psychology and the brain. The brain holds so many secrets and solutions. Brain research is constantly revealing new insights and discoveries. Discoveries that redefine our understanding of human nature. The brain is truly remarkable:

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